SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services


For more than 30 years we have been continuously innovating and expanding our portfolio of products and services in order to provide total solutions to a wide variety of alignment related problems for our customers. Our mission is to globally be the best company for solving any alignment problems in the marine as well as industry segments through offering the highest quality services and products when and where our customers need it.


PR Rolls

PR Rolls

PR Rolls is your reliable Finnish partner in on-site services for rolls and cylinders to improve paper machine runnability and production quality. A small and efficient organization can quickly adapt to customers' needs and provides competitive pricing. 


Pohjanmaan PinnoitusPalvelut Oy

3P logo

3P on kokenut paino-, konepaja- ja muun prosessiteollisuuden huolto- ja korjauspinnoituksiin erikoistunut yritys. Toimintamme asiakkaan luona on nopeaa ja joustavaa. Käytämme alan viimeisintä teknologiaa edustavia menetelmiä ja työkaluja.



IS Technics 

IS-Technics Ltd. is a company specialized in industrial and power production on-site maintenance.